We provide services for individual clients on matters that are most frequently encountered in everyday life. Our services include providing legal advice, drafting legal opinions and pleadings (lawsuits, claims, complaints and appeals), preparing, evaluating and negotiating contracts, investigating compensation and representing before courts, before public prosecutors’ offices and before bodies of the State Administration and Local Government.
All the above applies in particular branches of law such as:
  • civil law
  • inheritance law
  • family law
  • labor law and social security
  • administrative law and administrative procedure law, construction law, real estate
  • commercial and corporate law
  • competition law and consumer protection, including matters related to the Act on Combating Unfair Competition
  • cooperative law
  •   riminal, penal- fiscal law and misdemeanor
The law office provides representation of the client process at all stages of the judicial proceedings.


Law office offers comprehensive legal services to business entities. Depending on the client's needs, our law office provides legal assistance in commissioned matters or under permanent legal service. By choosing our law office, you can be sure that your case will be handled with due care. We pride ourselves on offering well prepared solutions in a timely and objective manner. Our clients are kept informed about all planned activities.
Legal service is carried out mainly by:
  • providing legal advice in writing, orally or electronically,
  • giving opinions and drafting contracts,
  • assisting in establishment of companies, preparation of relevant documentation, applications, forms necessary for registration of new entities in the register of companies and associations,
  • conducting ongoing business matters, publishing the annual financial statements,
  • preparing draft resolutions, developing and evaluating organizational regulations of the various bodies, attorneys general meetings, supervisory and management boards,
  • participating in the negotiations and in arbitration proceedings,
  • conducting proceedings on vindication (case of payment, drafting pre-executive calls for payment)
  • epresenting before courts and before bodies of state administrations.