Remuneration is agreed in each case individually with the client, taking into consideration the nature of the service, effort and deadline. In the case that will be submitted to be conducted in our Law Office. The cost of the first advice will be assigned a sum to the remuneration.

There will be tax on goods and services (VAT) added to all charges in currently applicable rate.
The most common and settlement system is: 
  • The flate rate – it is a fixed amount of money paid monthly, usually applicable in cases in which you can specify in advance amount of work and its scope.
  • The hourly rates - it is the amount calculated separately for each hour of work, mainly applicable in situations where it is impossible to predict the time required to perform the job.
The average cost of legal advice ranges from 100 - 200 zł net.
In the event of litigation, in addition to the basic rate, it is also possible to determine the additional remuneration upon the successful outcome (for success). The selection of a specific variant of the way of payment depends on the nature of the case will be agreed with the client individually principles of cooperation.
Costs of representing the client before the Court in civil matters depend on the value of the claim and are based on the official rate covered in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002  on the fees for lawyers.